On the Beach

Who is Harkerose

Harkerose is a community of collaborators, and an entity all of her own.


She is your long standing best friend, here to support you through life and business.


Your safe haven.

Your heart-holder and beacon to light the way.

Harkerose is a hub representing all things intuition and magic through programs, courses, workshops, retreats, articles and resources. It is a space for information sharing and collaboration, along with her sister The Chrysalis Magazine.


The Hub and Magazine are a great place for those seeking a safe space to explore themselves, their inner wisdom and their own unique kind of magic by doing things intuitively, with Grace.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and start discovering how you can find your most aligned, congruent life.

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Whats coming up

Come and join our money maven to discover your relationship with money & abundance.

Start to align with your desires and flow into your perfect energetic abundant balance.
Run over 3 x 1 hour sessions