Harkerose Story

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Georgia and Sandy co-founded Harkerose with the knowing that something was birthing through them, rather than them bringing something into the world.

Going through the process of branding and discovery of Harkerose, Georgia and Sandy came to learn that Harkerose was her own entity and energy, and they were merely the messengers. All they had to do was trust.

Harkerose started as a desire to combine human degrees with deep intuition and inner wisdom, and how to tune into the guidance of the soul in business. It soon become abundantly clear that this wasn't the sole purpose for Harkerose. Her Soul purpose was different..........

The Harkerose Manifesto

Harkerose is here to:

Inspire you to lead your own authentic life.

She is the container where you safely explore leading a sacred, true and beautiful life, where you are led by your passion and purpose.

Led by women who have human degrees and experience in practical business skills, along with deep training in intuition. Where we walk along the path with you, still growing, still exploring and learning.

A place where you will be treated kindly and with respect. We are open and inclusive and lead our lives this way...

There is no other way here...

We work with souls who are value-aligned to us.

Living a congruent life is important to us and something we do our best to live by.

We listen, we tune into our intuition, we are of service, we are a direct connection to the Divine.

Harkerose is the lighthouse to light up your path - you are magic and capable of turning your dreams into a reality - you just have to believe and follow the magic.

We are ready to do what is being asked of us.

We trust our intuition, we know where we are and what we are doing is perfectly divine and we trust this to be perfect.

You come to us because you trust us, we help you feel valued and connected.

We show you that life can be inspiring, engaging and joyful.

We willingly share our ideas and creations for the greater good, we look forward to co-creating with you.

We do what we love and abundance flows effortlessly and easily into our lives.

We guide you to release beliefs that no longer serve you.

We show you the potential of what life could be, we show you freedom.