Our Money Maven is currently offering the following services

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Come on a journey to meet your money energy.

  • This workshop is run over 3 x 1 hour sessions.

  • In the first session we identify our money stories we live with everyday.

  • In the second session we journey to meet our money energy and see what messages money wants to share with us.

  • In the third session, money takes us on a journey to see what possibilities exist for us in this life.

How you can work with Sandy

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A series of 4 modules explaining all things finance to bring you the FREEDOM to understand your business.

  • Module 1 - Setting up a business - what do I need to know 

  • Module 2 - Understanding the basics of business finances - bookkeeping

  • Module 3 - Financial reporting and understanding your profit 

  • Module 4 - Setting up your accounting system and learning how to use Xero

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Ready to transform your life/work/career/business?

Disillusioned with what you are currently doing?

Thinking of changing career

Dreaming of launching your own business

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions to work through your opportunities 

  • Identify your personal values that drive your passion

  • Look at opportunities to use your genius

  • Practical steps to work towards identified opportunities

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Want to work 1 : 1 - where we move through your current energy to create new and aligned ways of living

Let's make magic together